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Ic BAS40-07

According to industry analysts, Guangdongs electronics manufacturing industry in the country has advantages, particularly in color TV manufacturing industry, annual production of over 40 million units, so for Guangdongs electronic information industry, the industry is not only the upgrading of industry problems, it is optimization of the economic structure of Guangdong, industrial restructuring and IC BAS40-07 and the transfer of strategic issues. "The OLED as a new star in the electronic information industry, industry structure will be optimized in a bright spot ." has a certain basis, together with the Ministry of Information Industry and promised full support of the development of the industry in Guangdong OLED whether the voyage was a smooth unimpeded?

BAS40-07 Suppliers

Ningbo Bird, general manager of sales chieh is that in the States United States, some other home appliance retail chain in the mobile phone giant may also accelerate the market Kaijiangtuotu , and BAS40-07 Suppliers and they shorten the supply chain approach is bound to affect the industry.

BAS40-07 Price

Wuhan Xinxin is slightly different. U.S. memory chip giant plans to acquire a new core of the rumor a long time, in Chengdu, about to "fall" of the occasion, the industry has sounded the "defense of Wuhan," the horn. Mainly engaged in the core of the new memory chip foundry, we must clarify is: defense of Wuhan, in the end to defend the new core, or to defend the memory industry in China?

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