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EF16-35mm/2.8LUSM sure to bring this wide-angle lens, wide-angle photography is one of the most convenient lens, known as the "golden angle", although the combination with the EOS550D, the focus will be converted into approximately 25.6mm ~ 56mm, But the view is still great; kit lens is worth EF-S18-135mm/3.5-5.6IS choice, light is its greatest advantage, covering focal length of the coke it is also suitable for use as a telephoto lens, close-up in some local or lines that form has a good advantage; of course, have

BAT54FILM Suppliers

Nanjing LED (light emitting diodes) Industry Development Forum recently held in Nanjing International Expo Center. LED industry experts from home and BAT54FILM Suppliers and abroad and the Nanjing government departments, local business representatives were enthusiastic and straightforward dialogue. Development of this emerging industry, surging in the views of the parties are becoming increasingly clear.


HuntKey tour team arrived travel-stained, Huizhou, meeting only to find the original Hui informed (Huizhou) is responsible for very young person Chi Hu Road, a talented. The smart young man settled in Jiangxi HuntKey tour team, you can communicate with you and BAT54FILM Price and the computer store serves a variety of training, exchange details and preparations. morning, "Jiajia" just get to wear new clothes, then got two girls of all ages. Look! "Jiajia" around each side of a beautiful, proud to say "quack! Let's put a good position to take pictures !"

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