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Ic BB148

he distance DisplayPort cable assemblies meet the standards of low bit rate can be high-definition multimedia content from a computer model to the graphics accelerator launcher to send the signal to 15 meters from the projector or LCD television receiver. The length of cable assemblies, there are two specifications: 10 meters and IC BB148 and 15 meters.

BB148 Suppliers

Currently, the world is still in short supply of polysilicon is expected that this phenomenon will continue in the coming years. With the growth of polysilicon production in 2009, although polysilicon supply and BB148 Suppliers and demand may ease to some extent, but the status of the shortage of polysilicon still can not get rid of in the near future. By the impact of upstream material supply, solar and semiconductor grade silicon prices will continue to remain strong.

BB148 Price

in the Chinese silicon wafer market demand for solar energy accounted for more than 90% market share, compared to the huge demand for solar energy market, semiconductor grade silicon wafers demand is lower, but the purity requirements of semiconductor wafers for high, mainly as polished wafers and BB148 Price and other products, its production process and the difficulty level is much higher than the application of solar energy, which makes the price of semiconductor wafers higher than that of solar energy applications. Higher average prices in 2007 made the demand for semiconductor wafers amounted to 5.39 billion, its share in the market but also by the demand of 6.6% to 25.4%. The demand for solar wafers amounted to 15.82 billion yuan, the market share of 18.8% compared with declining demand, accounting for 74.6% of the overall market. No matter the amount or the demand from the demand point of view, solar energy has become the main body of silicon consumed.

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