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Ic BC869

LED Lighting Promotion Council of Japan (JLEDS) discloses a lighting apparatus using high-power white LED technology development blueprint. Ordinary white light were proposed products (high efficiency), high color products and IC BC869 and a light bulb color products (lamps and color-type) as of 2020 luminous efficiency goals. In accordance with the objectives, the luminous efficiency by 2015 is expected to reach 150lm / W. In general, fluorescent lamps in high-efficiency products, luminous efficiency of 100lm / W or so, the white LED of high efficiency products 08 years will reach 100lm / W or so, high color rendering type will be more than 80lm / W, bulb color type will reach 70lm / W so. In 2010 are expected to reach 130lm / W or so, 120lm / W or so, and 90lm / W or more in 2015 are expected to reach 160lm / W or more, 140lm / W or more and 130lm / W or so.

BC869 Suppliers

The high efficiency solar cell research part of the research funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Renewable Energy Laboratories. The study will be in the "Solar America Initiative" to play an important role. "Solar America Initiative" aims by 2015 to make solar power at prices more competitive than conventional power. The company said the solar concentrator system manufacturers will help to make than todays conventional power generation cost way more competitive.

BC869 Price

However, Spectrolabs primary business is the supply of photovoltaic cells and BC869 Price and solar panels to the space industry (they have a lot of solar cells for satellites on orbit). The company expects this breakthrough can be used in commercial solar power on the ground. Spectrolab scientists also predict the company to use more than three PN junction, and improve the material and design, will be able to reach 58% of the theoretical efficiency value, which means that the efficiency of concentrating solar cells can exceed 45%, and even beyond in the future 50%.

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