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NS launched two 170MSPS 12-bit and IC BCM3033KEF and 14-bit 155MSPS ADC can provide up to 1.1GHz full-power bandwidth, and supports double data rate, Low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) output and CMOS output. In the high frequency sampling receiver applications, even if the input frequency over 250MHz, the ADCs high-bandwidth three can still maintain good spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) and signal to noise ratio (SNR). Therefore, system design engineers can use the first stage intermediate frequency conversion to digital signals to analog signals, thereby removing a lower frequency level to reduce the component count and system power consumption. NS said it is for three chips demanding WiMAX and 3G wireless communication applications. And, with the companys high-speed operational amplifiers and highly integrated clock regulator used in conjunction with, for example, with single-chip LMK03000, can provide a full range of signal path solutions.

BCM3033KEF Suppliers

compared with last year, the industry performance data converter requirements and BCM3033KEF Suppliers and there is no significant change in sampling rate, accuracy, temperature drift, noise, linearity, power consumption and product size and other performance parameters are still indispensable. And WiMAX, high-definition TV and 3G/4G handset market, so as always, committed to providing the industry with a wider bandwidth, larger dynamic range of products.

BCM3033KEF Price

Winton has been working in the MCU to integrate more functionality, enabling customers to streamline production as much as possible to reduce the PCB peripheral components, and BCM3033KEF Price and thus reduce the PCB, size. In order to achieve more functionality MCU, in addition to the design of "tough" to integration, but also the structure should start from the system, based on a com

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