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is different from traditional processor, Cell processor is a 9 core processor, with eight synergistic processing elements and IC BCM3116KPF and a Power-based structure of the core frequency of 3.2GHz, in many compute-intensive applications, providing customers with a powerful performance. In the initial hardware testing, Cell processor has peak performance of more than 200 GFLOPS-- completed per second is equivalent to 2,000 billion floating point operations. At the seminar site, IBM demonstrated the staff MPEG2 conversion applications, the use of a Cell processor, one of the MPEG2 decoding co-processor to achieve the other seven co-processor can support H.264 standard definition encoding 7 Road. According to reports, have been very interested in video surveillance manufacturers, hoping to use it to replace the current expensive FPGA and DSP.

BCM3116KPF Suppliers

IBM believes that advances in technology facing limits in order to continue to enhance the performance of the hardware system, it must be carried out in the framework of innovation, as represented by the cell processor accelerator , multicore, and BCM3116KPF Suppliers and SoC is the future direction of development. "Computing world or the hardware world is changing and it is undergoing major changes, mainly because of power problems. I think the future will inevitably occur in the high-performance computing a mixed system (hybrid system), our Cell the traditional general-purpose processor and the processor can work together to provide a strong computing power, is a good example. "IBM Director of China Institute of Technology, Dr. John Turek said.

BCM3116KPF Price

Hitachi recognize it in 2001 and BCM3116KPF Price and 2004 sold to Dell for manipulating desktop LCD monitors and notebook computers display prices. Powerlock connector is priced at $ 70 per pair, the spring lock connector (snaplock connectors) is priced at $ 55 per pair (for reference), 2 to 3 weeks delivery time.

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