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SMIC said the compensation limit 160 million yuan ($ 20,000,000), is insured under the Group and IC BCM3120KTB and D & O Insurance Companys liability limits may be set, made by the D & O Insurance coverage, but the cost of SMIC is not required to disclose the amount of insurance. PageNext>Liter special power management company Scott M Brown, vice president of marketing, said: "The new SC120 platform to establish a high benchmark: In the small, thin, reliable and environmentally friendly package contains advanced features, performance, ease of use. "

BCM3120KTB Suppliers

8V DC input Mini-type module with short sample to 3 weeks delivery time. Analog and BCM3120KTB Suppliers and mixed signal semiconductors rose a leading supplier of special companies (Semtech) announced the launch of a new low-voltage applications, the industrys smallest boost converter. SC120, SC121 and SC122 three converter input voltage as low as 0.7V, the output voltage can be adjusted between 1.8V-5.0V, using 1.5x2mm thin (maximum thickness of 0.6mm) plastic package. These devices have many advanced features, is very suitable for alkaline batteries, nickel metal hydride battery, a single lithium battery-powered portable applications; also be used for some non-moving point of load regulator application, the application of low pressure increased to around voltage.

BCM3120KTB Price

In his view, the new market situation made a higher demand, accelerate structural adjustment, to the large capacity, full films, series, sets the direction of technology the main direction of development of the industry. enior product marketing manager, Kai Johnstad description: "28V input voltage range of the series 9-36V, designers simply select a converter will be used in both 12V and BCM3120KTB Price and 24V automotive systems, the programs end-users in particular have a cost advantage. "

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