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The reason why today a large number of chip cards to replace magnetic stripe cards, the demand for primary consideration is safety, so continuing to strengthen the security of chip card is an inevitable issue. For example, todays chip card and IC BCM3137A3KPF and more memory will have the effect of the firewall function, without the permissions, each application can only access its own memory space under the purview of the address, but can not cross access, so the cross-sector integration, alliances, each to each other between the industry be protected

BCM3137A3KPF Suppliers

Electronics and BCM3137A3KPF Suppliers and Information Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Xiao Hua May 24, held in Shenzhen, flat panel display and TV industries and foreign CEO summit, said the new document is being developed, 18 of them, and has to be sought out draft, relative to the original document on the 18th, more preferential policies for some of the integrated circuit industry.

BCM3137A3KPF Price

Several manufacturers use RFID transponder tag chip. For example, Texas Instruments (TI) to provide a Tag-itHF-1 plus transponder IC product line, in line with global standards ISO/IEC15693, the standard for product authentication, access control, asset tagging, supply chain management, and BCM3137A3KPF Price and ticketing applications. These products provide users can access memory and an extensive command set, the former capacity of 2048bit, the 64 blocks, which is used to select the tag and read, write, or lock the stored data. These devices are factory programmed and locked by a unique identifier to identify in the reader's RF field multiple transponders. In accordance with ISO/IEC15693, use of work in the high data rate or low data rate of the ASK or FSK modulation to complete reader and transponder or downlink communication between the communication. Transponder is used to answer inquiries and reading it the same way. The technology for uplink and downlink communications frames in synchronous communication, and with the CRC, to ensure their safety.

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