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interesting is the relationship between the 5 major manufacturers can be said that the hares, because Samsung, Sharp, LG The three companies also to Chi Mei, AU Optronics under One, they are competitors and IC BCM3900A2KPF and partners.

BCM3900A2KPF Suppliers

The product users have commissioned a number of domestic professional packaging units were trying to encapsulate the CPU were not successful, Microelectronics Technology Laboratory System in Package receiving the mission, the collective research, just over two months time, Simulation and BCM3900A2KPF Suppliers and optimization of the design completed and the organization of domestic manufacturers to package and finally passed the test, access to highly valued by users.

BCM3900A2KPF Price

Currently, there are families choosing to buy incandescent light bulbs Shihai habits. Central Institute of Sichuan University as associate professor, vice president of Sichuan Yang Zugui Lighting Association, said, choose a price factors incandescent, an incandescent general as long as 1 to 3 yuan, the price of an energy-saving lamps is 9 to 30 million, a the price of energy-saving lamps LED 80-8000 per month. He said: It takes you gradually change their concepts, even though the purchase price of LED energy-saving lamps more expensive, but it is generally the life of incandescent lamp 25 times and BCM3900A2KPF Price and low power consumption, in fact, the long term save money. In addition, the active use of LED energy saving lamps, also promote an environmentally friendly, healthy lifestyle action.

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