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Currently, the complete three-dimensional television standard system based on the whole in accordance with the general category, product category, the test class by three criteria. Standard base class which contains the terms, technical requirements for three-dimensional content creation, transmission coding. Product family standard covers the three-dimensional digital television, stereo equipment, stereo camera parameters such as specifications and IC BCM5703CIKHB and requirements include the parameters of stereo glasses, displays the health and safety requirements. Testing standards include product testing methods and subjective assessment of stereoscopic television picture quality and objective evaluation methods, and test method D glasses. Currently, three-dimensional display standard working group has completed a "three-dimensional television image quality test methods" and "three-dimensional television: The term" two draft standards.

BCM5703CIKHB Suppliers

[ Brand Model] Meizu M8 [Reference price] 1999 yuan [sales business] Hongxin through mobile phone network [business address] Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, No. 11 World Cyber Plaza Zhongguancun e 11th Floor, Room 1156 C [business telephone] Beijing :010 -6268497062684971 :021 -63179281 Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang :024 :0755 -8304848183048482 -8850422688516395 Taiyuan, Xi'an :029 :0351 -4,155,167 -87,209,005 -86,789,313 Chengdu :028 Guangzhou, Zhengzhou :0371 :020 -83,762,780 -69,328,082

BCM5703CIKHB Price

2013 ~ 2020 years, the average GDP growth of 8%, per capita disposable income of urban residents and BCM5703CIKHB Price and rural residents per capita net income of the average annual real growth rate reached 8% the full realization of the "Outline" proposed by the task. Chinas own development of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) production line at the end of this year production is expected to be completed in Dongguan, when the output will reach 1.5 million.

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