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"high-end, high-quality chips mainly rely on foreign imports." Fan Following the industry admitted that although the LED in the number of certain advantages, but is technically still in the high-end controlled by others. "LED is currently concentrated in the industry. For ordinary people, although the LED lights have many advantages, but the price of the hundreds of hundred dollars, are still so many people turn to choose a few dollars of incandescent lamps. It certainly limits the LED The large area. "Shenyang Branch U.S. digital sales manager, said Li Yan.

BCM6338KFB Suppliers

MediaTek chairman Tsai Ming-mediated one seat last year, "cottage today, tomorrow mainstream" talk, highlighting the mobile phone firms in emerging markets in China and BCM6338KFB Suppliers and selling level. But the mobile phone industry this year to accelerate towards the 3G upgrade from 2G, 3G mobile phone chip patents held by Qualcomm hand, manufacturers have to pay high license, cottage industry, it faced a critical moment.

BCM6338KFB Price

Power Semiconductors, including power diodes, power switching device and BCM6338KFB Price and power integrated circuits. In recent years, with the power MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) technology is developing rapidly, the scope of application of power semiconductors from the traditional areas of industrial control area extended to 4C (computer, communications, consumer electronics and automotive electronics), to infiltrate national economy and all aspects of national defense. China has the largest international power semiconductor market, with the rapid development of semiconductor foundry lines and the largest international training system, but the development of power semiconductor industry in China must change the current strength in the chip package, chip strength in the design situation. Power semiconductor industry should strengthen the technical capabilities of the introduction and digestion and absorption, to develop design technologies to market-driven design to design for chip to chip growth industry.

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