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.2 ARM kiosk terminal station display module 2) Station kiosk terminal control module: ARM chips from the core composition and IC BCR10PN and its peripheral devices, the control center via GPRS module receives the information issued by the frame, executed by the control center issued the control command and control centers according to display information sent to complete the character to find, write composed by two high-speed SRAM data cache, two SRAM using "ping-pong logic", that is, to a certain time ARM chip SRAM write display data, another piece of this be read when the CPLD, the two take turns switching, to ensure high-speed data and display continuity. To ensure the security of the system, each station has a kiosk terminal key, this key is written in the device initialization, the external interface can not access this key information, ARM based on the received information to complete this key decrypt the frame, if they are unable to complete the verification of the information frame, the system that the information frame to be tampered with, to be discarded. In addition, each station kiosk terminal to be working long hours, in order to prevent overheating the system is not working properly or even cause a fire, each station kiosk terminal is equipped with cooling devices, including temperature sensors

BCR10PN Suppliers

Is now in the business office, the notebook computers have become increasingly important, but also more compact and BCR10PN Suppliers and lightweight, when we used outside, often it will use on your desk and lap, we all know, laptops As highly integrated, it is the biggest heat problem, if often time use, the heat is not good will damage the internal components and shorten the life of the computer. Since the introduction of John Lone Cooler notebook cooler, its products have become the new hot spot on the market, in the heat stressed, it is also reflected in the perfection of human design. In order for laptop users to have more different options, are cool and cold and introduced a set of business office and casual fashion in one of the portable in one machine notebook cooler - John Lone 6718. Here we take a look.

BCR10PN Price

Unicom's CDMA service has been launched since the beginning, due to the lack of phone customer growth is not satisfactory. The company announced last week in March to the domestic mobile phone manufacturers to purchase 500,000 CDMA mobile phones. The "wave" brand, and BCR10PN Price and South Korea "Samsung" brand CDMA mobile phone plan, for example, the wave of CDMA mobile phone market is 3080 yuan, customers are required to pay 3,580 yuan, and promised at least 128 yuan per month calls, plus 36 months 50 January fee. The actual customer calls per month to pay the amount from the pre-charged. In other words, if the customer at or before 20 months after the deduction of 3,580 yuan, and the remaining 16 months or more months still have to pay the cost of 178 yuan per month.

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