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Ic BCX53-10

PCI-Express server system has 1,3,5,7 or more PCIe slots. Before the advent of the MAX5957-MAX5960, designers tend to use dual-channel controller to control multi-channel slots. If the actual application requires three-channel hot-swap controller slot, you tend to use two dual-channel controller. At this point we should waste of a channel, but the designers have no choice. This design for the multi-slot system is neither efficient nor economical, so customers tend to requirements to provide more low-cost and IC BCX53-10 and flexible products.

BCX53-10 Suppliers

in the new package, lead frame of the organizations to adopt a sheet structure. Sheet framework and BCX53-10 Suppliers and replaced by thick, short, flat shape, and uses the chip caught in the middle of the upper and lower lead frame structure, improved thermal performance of the chip. By this, existing products can not only maintain the same power dissipation, but also the package size from the original 4.7mm × 2.5mm × 1.9mm down to 3.5mm × 1.6mm × 0.98mm, to achieve the miniaturization.

BCX53-10 Price

Which "translucent filled" with a complete plastic packaging, special material exquisite craftsmanship, the paper packaging was more than beautiful. Through the transparent plastic case, consumers can directly view details of hard news. In addition, the new packaging of plastic processing also ensures that the hard drive of waterproof, moisture, cleaning, security, coupled with the unique strict Synnex standardized logistics management experience, in the process of transportation and BCX53-10 Price and warehousing the perfect realization of the "hard to consumer # # # # # Now the popular market can re-use the hard disk packaging, consumers can not drive directly through the packaging to determine whether the original authentic. Synnex in a fully responsible manner to consumers, especially to spend time developing a new plastic packaging, industrial practice to avoid using the secondary charge of new, shoddy and so on. Synnex consumers to buy boxed hard drive, you can see one through the plastic packaging is intact and easily determine the authenticity of the .

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