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July this year, the State Grid Corporation of smart meters for another round of bidding, this is the State Grid Corporation of this years fourth bid was. As smart an important part of power grid construction, 2010 to 2014, China will enter the peak of smart meter replacement. This year China will replace about 50 million smart meters, which related to the smart meter chip enterprises, including micro-controller (MCU) provides an attractive business market. Smart meters need to value each $ 1 of the MCU to calculate that this year smart meter replacement will bring $ 50,000,000 MCU market gains.

BD136 Suppliers

⑧ rich communication module for embedded systems and BD136 Suppliers and other systems interconnection. For sensorless brushless DC motor control system, there are many dedicated chips are available, but in order to further improve system performance, enhanced design flexibility, the use of DSP or a dedicated microcontroller and other smart devices. However, this also in improving the system performance has increased system development costs. In order to design a high performance, low-cost development platform for applications on the system hardware requirements, taking into account the high cost PIC18F452 microcontroller, used as a master device. Microchip PIC18F452 is the company introduced an enhanced 8-bit microcontroller, using reduced instruction set (RISC) design, there are two lines, maximum operating frequency of up to 10MIPS, to meet the requirements of real-time system; 16-bit wide instruction bus , 8-bit wide data bus; microcontroller with 32K bytes of internal FLASH program memory, 1.5K bytes of data memory and 256 bytes of EEPROM, easy system expansion; comes with 8 × 8 hardware multiplier; interrupt rich in resources, provides 18 interrupt sources, two priority level, and interrupt priority can be configured. PIC18F452 microcontroller is equipped with rich peripheral modules, greatly simplifying the design of single chip peripheral circuits. At the same time, Microchip PIC18F family of microcontrollers offers companies a powerful instruction set, a total of 77 instructions, most of the instruction word (2 bytes) storage, single-cycle execution of application code storage compression rate, the efficiency of instruction execution high. PIC18F452 based controller pieces to form a system hardware diagram shown in Figure 1. Worthy of note is :

BD136 Price

China Taiwan region leading factory Powerchip Semiconductor DRAM held today, fourth and BD136 Price and fifth 12-inch wafer fab groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant; Powerchip Chairman Frank Huang said the total investment of two 12-inch plants of NT 250 000 000 000 million and will create 3,600 jobs. PSC fourth and fifth 12-inch wafer fab located in the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park, three to five road, including the ground-breaking ceremony today, Minister of Economic Affairs Steve Chen, Rui Huangs Hsinchu Science Park Administration Bureau director, Hsinchu County Magistrate Cheng Yung-chin, deputy mayor of Hsinchu City Chen Quangui, Renesas will honor a long Chak-hung, chairman of Lu and Yu-Chong Chen, chairman of DATA, who arrived at the scene of white participants. Speech, said Frank Huang, Powerchip four, five factories the total investment amount of 250 billion yuan, is expected to be completed next year after the 50-nm process technology will be put into mass production of DRAM, can produce up to 60,000 scale, is expected to create 3,600 jobs . For the DRAM market, said Frank Huang, in the third quarter before the market supply and demand balance is expected to become the fourth quarter, the situation should be reached in short supply. Macronix cases involving insider trading, Frank Huang was unwilling to talk about.

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