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Ic BD910

After the second phase of operation, can add value of 20 billion yuan, is to build ten billion in Wanzhou Daquan photovoltaic industry, an important step. "About Group president Xu Xiang introduction, Daquan polysilicon project in Wanzhou is planning a total investment of 6.7 billion, after a period and IC BD910 and an expansion project has been put into production, reaching the production scale of 4,000 tons.

BD910 Suppliers

NXP Semiconductors (NXP Semiconductors) will be held June 2 to June 6 Taipei International Computer Show (ComputeX) period, the exhibition includes home entertainment, multi-market semiconductors, identification and BD910 Suppliers and automotive electronics four core businesses of a variety of innovative design and solutions, demonstrates vividly NXP innovative, energy efficient products continue cultivating the Greater China market for consumer electronics customers to experience a whole new vision.

BD910 Price

Beijing - Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology Corporation) launched a series of pin-and software-compatible 16-bit and BD910 Price and 12-bit SAR ADC, this series of devices to ensure that in-40oC to +125 oC the automotive temperature range. 16-bit LTC1864/LTC1865 and 12-bit LTC1860 / LTC1861 are single 5V supply, each device consumes only 850uA current, and to ensure that the output rate of up to 250ksps. LTC1864 and LTC1860 are pin and software compatible with the ADC, in the tiny MSOP-8 package measuring a single differential channel. LTC1865 and LTC1861 are pin and software compatible with the ADC, MSOP-10 package with two single-ended measurement channels. Through all four ADC 3-wire SPI-compatible serial interface and the size of their tiny, low power and in-40oC to +125 oC temperature range to ensure that work in these high-resolution ADC is very suitable for automotive applications, such as temperature detection , air testing or engine oil pressure measurement. LTC1860, LTC1861, LTC1864 and LTC1865 are the highest resolution available on the market today, solutions smallest automotive-grade SAR ADC series. LTC1860, LTC1861, LTC1864 and LTC1865 automotive ADC is available now. 1,000-piece quantities, is priced at $ 2.91 each.

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