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Ic BF422

ED09W06RN-3 transceiver with good performance. Receiver noise figure less than 5dB, the 802.11b 1Mbps signal for the receiver sensitivity is-95dBm, receiver EVM as low as-32dB. The launch area, HED09W06RN-3 launch 802.11n integrated PA signal in the EVM can be achieved-28dB, reflects the good linearity performance. In addition, the chip also integrates the corresponding circuit module to complete the I / Q mismatch correction.

BF422 Suppliers

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BF422 Price

Maxim Integrated Products introduced for the auto focus (AF) camera module for DC-AC Liquid Lens Driver MAX14515. MAX14515 through the I2C interface to control, to provide high-voltage differential output. Device uses charge pump technology to reduce the usual auto-focus camera module driver required number of external components. MAX14515 the I2C interface and BF422 Price and the charge pump integrated in miniature 2mm × 1mm WLP package, is the industrys smallest liquid lens driver, ideal for the latest auto focusing technology, micro-cellular phone camera modules.

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