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Ic BF862

(1) LED lighting has a huge energy-saving effect, the power LED only a single 0.03-0.06W, and IC BF862 and low driving voltage (1.5-3.5V), current is small (15-18mA), the same lighting in the form effect of the case, power consumption is only one-eighth of incandescent, fluorescent one half. LED light source instead of using ordinary visible light and fluorescent lamps for great landscape lighting power consumption, the energy saving effect is very obvious, with strong market competitiveness. And the LED light source 100 times the life of incandescent, fluorescent 20-30 times, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance of the pain, coupled with its rich colors and good controllability for the urban landscape lighting is better than this . Now, LED is the growth rate of 50% to replace the traditional light sources, lighting in the history of mankind will trigger the fourth revolution, greatly improve the human environment, alleviate the increasingly serious energy crisis in the world.

BF862 Suppliers

video conferencing system is a video-based interactive multimedia communications system that uses existing image communication technology, Internet communications technology, for local or remote point between point or two-way audio and BF862 Suppliers and video between points, data and other information about real-time interactive communications. Through high-quality video conferencing, so that geographically dispersed departments deal with the problem more quickly, not only save time, money, and the feeling of the traditional face to face meeting to bring the participants each, are widely used in various types of regular business, sales meetings, technical seminars, tele-consultation and other meetings.

BF862 Price

In addition, because the air condition is applied in the process, so do not need to create a vacuum environment of standby time. Compared to the original vacuum, greater throughput of the workpiece. Moreover, the process does not require vacuum pumps and BF862 Price and auxiliary equipment, it can reduce the unit cost.

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