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Lin Yaodong: China's market Youaiyoupa, I love sales of 13.2 million in vehicles in China last year, it has surpassed the largest U.S. auto market last year, sales of the GPS market in the 2.5 to 3 million or so, relative to the figures, in fact, car owners with the proportion of GPS low degree of future growth in theory, should be also high. In 2004 to 2006 the growth of a relatively hot, from 08 to 10 years, the whole market has slowed down, China's market, although there are 2.5 to 3 million of the amount, but 80% of the cottage, I To be honest, not to GPS users in mainland as a necessity, if the user purchased a 300 dollar after the navigation device, difficult to use, after it refused to use the navigator. Jia Ming in Taiwan, 180,000 a year to buy GPS units, the amount of light I'm good out in Taiwan accounted for about 50% of GPS, but mainland China as Taiwan is not so high, that now we hold the proportion of GPS is still low, but I afraid the first time we bought the cottage, after a bad impression on the GPS. We entered China in 2008 which found that the function of GPS and IC BQ2002TPN and GPS are not related, are MP3, MP4, in fact, this is off-topic, professional navigation companies should make more functions for navigation with the better technology innovation. In 2008 we launch the entrance and four-dimensional real Enlargement, we tell consumers that our navigation is 500 meters before each intersection to pop up a window telling how you should go out. After the market introduction of such a function was very good, and we also thank the many domestic brands will soon follow. Best out of the market has driven a new idea, in 2009 we launched from time to time traffic, up to now, many domestic firms to join, so far, market, mature, we have not seen, so this is the best out continuously innovation, regardless of the navigation of the new ideas to the mainland, but also wants consumers to know that we made with the cottage is not the same. Freelander S40 supports FM transmitter, support for 76-108MHZ full-band emission, and the effective range of up to 10 meters long. Very powerful.

BQ2002TPN Suppliers

According to Intel's plans, G41 not only to completely replace the launch of G31, G31 gradually to the stage of history, but also to fight the Intel G41 chipset the longest in the history of life, its life cycle, at least in more than four years. The greatest feature of this chipset is that it uses the X4500 graphics core supports DX10, HD hardware decoding, HDMI output functions. It can be said, G41 to meet the emergence of a comprehensive consumer demand for high-definition. Sunflower

BQ2002TPN Price

third-party partners SHARC2148x and BQ2002TPN Price and SHARC2147x series provide value-added design services and technologies, including AeVee Labs, Danville Signal Processing, DSP Concepts, Kaztek Systems and MathWorks and so on.

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