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Ic BQ24013DRCR

Since 2001, telecommunications market has been the Linear Technologys main source of income, the market applications include network infrastructure and IC BQ24013DRCR and handsets. However, Linear Technology communications applications to reduce the expectations of the mobile phone market, the mobile phone market is no longer regarded as the future focus, because we have put in a great mobile application market, and now even the 3G smart phone has become a mass consumer goods, the profit is very limited, no longer meets the Linear Technologys business model. Of course, the network communications applications and infrastructure market continues to meet the needs of Linear Technologys sales last year, Cisco acquired Linear Technologys high-quality supplier awards presented, and Linear Technology fiscal 2008 about half of the sales in China Revenue also comes from the telecommunications market.

BQ24013DRCR Suppliers

the consumer entertainment in the strong demand for automotive applications, as early as 2005, Linear analog market to realize high-end consumer market with the impossible to resist potential. But other consumer products Linear Technology is no longer the future market focus, Linear Technology is expected to result from cell phones and BQ24013DRCR Suppliers and other consumer revenue will increase from total revenues in fiscal 2005 accounted for 28% of the rapid withdrawal reduced fiscal year 2009, 11.5% of total revenues.

BQ24013DRCR Price

Linear fiscal year 2007 revenues of $ 1,083,000,000. Among them, the industrial application market continues to grow, the income from the computer market because Intel has developed standards of waning power, and BQ24013DRCR Price and from the high-end consumer and automotive markets make up for declining revenue income arising from communications market effects. Linear Technology fiscal 2008 revenues of $ 1,175,000,000, net income reached $ 387,600,000, profit margins of up to 33%.

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