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Guangzhou, the largest ever foreign investment project - LG Philips LCD project of the main building have been completed, reported the project is expected to put into operation in October. Project proposed two production plants: one is the module assembly plant, has 5 production lines, the main product is a large area liquid crystal displays, the annual output 5,760,000; the other is into a box / LCD screen + system module assembly plant, which 3 product line of small and IC BQ3285LDSS and medium-sized production lines 9, the main product is a small area of liquid crystal displays, the annual output 46,800,000.

BQ3285LDSS Suppliers

After 7 years of product development and BQ3285LDSS Suppliers and R & D investment of 1.1 billion, Huawei has launched a number of recent new high-end store, and was first introduced for operators can also be used for enterprise storage products. The launch of new products including a variety of the latest high-end storage: OceanStor S5100, OceanStor S6800, business monitoring gateway Secoway SIG 9280 (Service Inspection Gateway) and firewall security architecture based on NP series Secoway Eudemon8000, Secoway USG. One Gateway Secoway SIG 9280 Business Monitor Huaweis carrier-grade hardware with the processing platform is the business value and business for MAN preservation and high-end products, mainly to provide service traffic flow analysis, VoIP service monitoring, shared access control, P2P service monitoring, user behavior analysis, WEB push functions. In addition, the latest multi-core architecture based on the safety of NP and firewall series Secoway Eudemon8000, Secoway USG against DDoS attacks can bring significant security threats to network traffic anomalies, the abnormal flow of full integration of detection and efficient traffic control technology, the formation of to detect the center, cleaning center, monitoring center linkage control of high reliability solution.

BQ3285LDSS Price

In todays increasingly competitive market, always grasping for the He Haixin live in a cyclical market opportunities, has been leading the market trends one by one and BQ3285LDSS Price and become the biggest winner? Liu Hong, general manager of the new Hisense Electric, said: "Over the years, trend has always been our greatest concern .

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