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Ic BSC059N03S

Features: 1. Low current consumption: 0.34 μA typical (VDD = 3.0 V, Ta = 25 ° C) 2. Wide operating voltage range: 1.3 to 5.5 V 3 built-in clock adjustment function 4. clock pulse output (with CMOS outputs, frequency switching function) 5. Built-in 24-bit binary up counter 6. Built-in free user register 7.2 wire (I2C-bus) mode CPU Interface 8. Built-in alarm interrupter 9. Built-in low power voltage detection and IC BSC059N03S and power on when the flag generator 10. built into the year 2099, automatic calendar, automatic leap year calculation function 11. Built-in voltage regulator circuit 12 . Built-in 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator circuit (Cd built, Cg external) 13. Package: WLP-12A14. lead-free products AS3543 SoC for advanced multimedia simulation of a match IC, can be used in media players, personal navigation, mobile music phones, and other common devices.

BSC059N03S Suppliers

compared with the rechargeable lithium battery, Energizer batteries for OEM manufacturers ZincAir significant cost savings, while providing the same compact slim form factor, without charging circuit and BSC059N03S Suppliers and charging equipment can be used. the product The innovative features include the new 5mm prism (rectangular) structure, and its consumption of energy density in portable power solutions for all second to none, so its battery life is the same volume of regular alkaline or lithium batteries three times .

BSC059N03S Price

At this stage of the display market, although the LED gradually become the focus of attention of consumers, but consumers seeking high contrast never stagnant. Therefore, the major manufacturers of high contrast while still the biggest selling points for the models in order to attract the attention of consumers, now LGW2453V The display price to 2280 yuan.

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