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Ic BSM20GP60

Hot applications to the market, we think: First, the market consumption, flat panel display market is one of the fastest growing markets, while the FPGA is the latest display device after a key for this, FPGA companies are optimistic about the growth in this area. Second, surveillance, countries "terrorism" needs to promote a high performance video surveillance platform for continued growth. This requires the DSP not only video but also real-time analysis of data, processing power with high performance DSP FPGA products have greater needs. Third, in the automotive sector, according to market research firm predicted that demand for cars in 2012 will be five times in 2007. Fourth, portable product is a very good opportunity for FPGA. Compared to ASIC and IC BSM20GP60 and ASSP, FPGA allows designers to differentiate their products, ease of use, and has a fast time to market advantages. Fifth, in the communications market, we believe that wireless applications will continue to drive demand for FPGA. FPGA development will be more rapid rate of penetration into the more widely used, application, now known or unknown.

BSM20GP60 Suppliers

Semiconductor manufacturers in SEMIconWest summit held on the application of Applied Materials (AppliedMaterials) organization CEOMikeSplinter said, thanks to government investment and BSM20GP60 Suppliers and policy support, Chinas semiconductor industry has developed rapidly in the next few years to keep pace with the U.S. technology development. China needs 5-6 years to close the gap with the United States, China has many of the technical personnel will be industry experts. Of course, this prediction is subject to various conditions. Chinas semiconductor industry developed rapidly, but the complexity of the industry so that Chinese enterprises have to follow the Western companies. Nevertheless, Applied Materials organizations are closely watching Chinas development, now, about 85% of Applied Materials, revenue from overseas markets, Chinas beyond the need for a very long time, but the development is encouraging. At present, most of the chip and chip manufacturing products are imported. Of course, there are different views on the industry. Cypress Semiconductor TJRodgers organization, said his recent visit to China made him worry that China could soon overtake the United States because the governments many investments are wasted in the corporate headquarters building. Splinter said flash memory chip industry also support the development of a driving force. Organizational analysis, according to SEMI, the global flash memory chips in 2006 production increased 18% to 388 billion U.S. dollars. Flash memory is widely used in digital cameras, mobile phones and consumer electronics products, Applied Materials, Organization of the orders came from about 50% of flash memory business.

BSM20GP60 Price

Total MediaTek Q1 revenue up to 32.67 billion yuan, representing the 4th quarter of 2009 increased by 12.3%, still slightly ahead of the original 305 to 32,000,000,000 yuan's outlook version. Q2 outlook the company operational goals, MediaTek speech system that did not quite clear visibility of orders, the actual number to wait for 30 days will be announced in France said they would.

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