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Ic BSO4410

CPPCC Standing Committee, Shanghai New Energy Industry Association Honorary President Jiang Yiren said: "The International Solar Photovoltaic Conference and IC BSO4410 and Exhibition unprecedented scale, with the rapid development of the worlds new energy industry are closely related. Photovoltaic power generation in recent years is rate of 50% or more rapid development, it can in the most economical and most simple solution to the shortage of human energy, reduce pollution and other issues, delaying the side effects of climate change, this is for us to bring the revolution of production and way of life changes in the scientific way. "

BSO4410 Suppliers

TFT-LCD and BSO4410 Suppliers and AM-OLED industry has a great commonality and to undertake sexual, AM-OLED drive back some of the key TFT array process with existing equipment and technology in most aspects can be shared, through the existing TFT production lines and equipment for the transformation of a small amount of additional AM-OLED will be able to meet the future development and production of TFT technology can be seen as a continuation of the BOE has long been accumulated in the TFT's, AM-OLED technology for the further development and production laid a solid foundation.

BSO4410 Price

* 1.JIS/IEC Protection Level 8 (IPX8) standard (in-house test conditions.) * 2.JIS/IEC protection level 6 (IPX6) standard (in-house test conditions.) * 3. Under test conditions within the company. * 4. Can record the number of images will be reduced. Confirmed Olympus xD-Picture Card and BSO4410 Price and lithium-ion rechargeable battery used in conjunction with the product.

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