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Ic BSP50

Reported that from July 25, 2007, the purchase of Patriot monitors, chassis products, you can receive a value of 228 yuan to one of Jiangmin antivirus spree, including the genuine anti-virus software Jiangmin KV2007, Jiangmin close Paul, Jiangmin firewall, anti-virus software in handsets Jiangmin.

BSP50 Suppliers

ST Jilin Kelon Kelon do not want huge loss in deep mire. ST Kelon (000,921) last night announced that the company and BSP50 Suppliers and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hisense Ronshen (Guangdong) Refrigerator Co., Ltd., on January 7, 2008 signed with Jilin Yinqiao Group Co., Ltd. "Equity Transfer Agreement."

BSP50 Price

Digital Photo Frame, CD player, DVD player, and BSP50 Price and Web portal - now the computer has as one of these, what can be more convenient than it does? But to get these facilities, the total need you to sit in front of the keyboard - which is not too convenient. NEC's Simplem computers inspired by the television, radio can be used for remote control, greatly improving ease of use. Forget the days with a mouse click, gently button, you can directly access it! If you want to type a URL, just need to seize Simplem wireless keyboard or remote control to select the pop-up screen keyboard. Below the touch pad remote control knob allows you to easily flip. There are other one-button remote control functions, including e-mail, CD audio, DVD movies, data playback, and view photos in the gallery. In addition to these features, Simplem looked so very worth a visit. Obviously almost no connection - except, of course the power cord. Telephone lines are also seen it, it's plug the power cord transformer unit on the ground in hiding. The appearance of the entire computer is so mellow, no matter where you decide to use it, will not occupy too much space. Compact Simplem are so slim, in fact, often after the first glance you think it is a 15-inch monitor. Nevertheless, it still embodies a 6GB hard drive, 64MB RAM, 500 MHz Pentium Ⅲ processor, two USB ports, two PC card slots and a FireWire port (no parallel port, serial port and floppy connector). NEC said that in the United States later this year will be able to buy this computer.

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