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Ic BST16

Harbor City Administration Committee said that the relative individual LED projects, the local hope Richard Chang to lead the industry chain development, speed up to catch the other local industrial park. But the source said Richard Chang worry about the lack of MOCVD equipment mainland. Gu Wenjun said that popular, this is the "long wafer stove" is the most critical areas of mainland China LED production equipment, all imported, cost about 20 million U.S. dollars (about 130 million yuan). "Regarded around the MOCVD equipment subsidies as a condition of investment, subsidies and IC BST16 and some 1,000 million, some up to $ 15,000,000."

BST16 Suppliers

010 Nian 6 months, Renesas published within Chinas first "committed to "printing completed, the first step towards a local strategy, the two carefully written calligraphy for the Renesas CEO, Greater China General Manager Zheng Li wrote. Words at the top, he wrote a "transition we remain brothers A smile obliterate allies and BST16 Suppliers and enemies", the call of unity and cooperation the two companies, in the sail against the "realistic and innovative strive for the same boat."

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Network digital sensor temperature sensor is included, the network interface and BST16 Price and processing unit of the new generation of smart sensors. First, the measured temperature digital sensor into a digital number, and then sent to the microcontroller for data processing. Finally, the measurement results transmitted to the network in order to achieve between the various sensors, between sensors and actuators, sensors and data exchange between systems and resource sharing in the replacement of sensors without the need for calibration and calibration can be "plug and or use ", thus greatly facilitate the users.

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