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Ic BT136-600D

we all know, most domestic manufacturers began to focus on the Pearl River Delta and IC BT136-600D and Yangtze River Delta. Today, these places are still the center of IT manufacturing, Suzhou Industrial Park, Kunshan, Huizhou, the recent Asus, Foxconn and other large IT manufacturing facility was set up here. However, the black soil in the cold, in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, there are also part of the IT industry. Only that we known, or OEM, or their own production, the direction of North Thailand, Sambo Computer, Jilin Caijing, LG, LCD production plant.

BT136-600D Suppliers

2008 Electronic equipment sales revenue growth of 11.6% compared with 2007, sales of electronic special tool and BT136-600D Suppliers and die down 36.5% compared to 2007. In 2008, in addition to semiconductor devices and integrated circuits and electronic equipment, general equipment, a big increase, the other five categories of electronic equipment and electronic tools and molds are a negative growth in sales. 2008 726 million years of industry profits, a negative growth year on year, to -7.9%. Among them, the main tool and die business profit fell 90%, while equipment companies still increased by 5.6%.

BT136-600D Price

However, Intel in semiconductors may have a new challenge. Smooth-Stone called low-power data centers the company has won $ 48,000,000 in the fund to break the market. The fund source for ARM and BT136-600D Price and Texas Instruments.

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