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With high-quality sensor and IC BT681KHJ and a high resolution is not enough, T8680 equipped with a 3X optical zoom lens, which is a major mobile phone evolutionary history of the development process. The common market within the camera phone and more choice in software to achieve a "soft zoom" is commonly known as digital zoom. The T8680 will be bold innovative retractable lens placed in the body, a reversal of today's play the "light" brand of mobile phone design patterns, this powerful zoom lens equivalent focal length 35mm ~ 105mm/f3.0-5.6, shooting when the optical zoom lens to ensure that its focus speed and imaging results, enjoy shooting in the use of fun, but do not have to worry about virtual coke, coke run and other issues.

BT681KHJ Suppliers

YORK Shanghai August 18 News Service Sharp 09 summer conference on the new machine is a major star - a new generation of hand SH9130C main AQOUS Sharp created the "two-axis rotary Cycloid" design, easy picture 90. Rotation. Through horizontal large screen, GPS map browse or enjoy a more comfortable video viewing. At the same time performance is also screen, like its predecessors SH9020C color. Cool Net current aircraft crash in Europe Report 3199 yuan 300 yuan, more price advantage relative to the SH9020C.

BT681KHJ Price

bottom of the flexible printed (FPC) can be made from any angle of the wave-shaped, concave-shaped, spiral and BT681KHJ Price and curved surface and so on. Convex and concave shapes such as waveform and can be packaged to avoid the bridge components and wiring in the space, as well as multi-layer embedded in the floor between the stereo wiring. Made of spiral, the direction can turn 360 °. circuit pattern such as FPC, like the original, no new restrictions on free design. FPC maximum thickness of 110μm. Dimensions for the long 500mm, width 230mm, to support two (both sides) structure.

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