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According to the China Semiconductor Industry Association, the export share of sales in the industry, very high, which in recent years, the RMB exchange rate changes on the domestic operation of the integrated circuit industry significant exchange rate changes are expected in 2009 on the negative impact of the domestic IC industry will be greatly reduced. Overall, the domestic IC industry in 2009 will continue to maintain growth momentum, but the increase will continue to fall.

BT864AKRF Suppliers

data, computer, consumer, accounting for three major areas of network communications category 87.8% of Chinas IC market, which remains the largest share of the computer class. In the product structure, the memory is still the largest share of products, which benefited from higher shipments of notebook computers increased, but because memory prices decline, a direct impact on the overall IC market growth. CCID Consulting believes that as Chinas IC market is expanding, increasing the proportion of the world, Chinas IC market has been through the rapid development period, development will be leveling off.

BT864AKRF Price

effectiveness of the design industry downturn, the manufacturing sector investment slowed yesterday in the "China IC Market," published research data shows that Chinas IC market goodbye to years of rapid growth started to enter the adjustment period, Chinas IC market in 2008 achieved sales of 597.33 billion yuan , an increase of only 6.2% IC market growth slowed for 5 consecutive years. And last year grew only 2.2% compared to the global semiconductor market in 2008, the Chinese market still growing, but the growth rate dropped significantly, and BT864AKRF Price and the single-digit growth for the first time.

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