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Ic BTB16-600B

CPU: IntelRStrongARMSA-1110 processor, 206MHz Operating system: WindowsCE memory: 32MBROM/16MBRAM Screen: Resolution: 640x480, 256 colors TFTLCD Keyboard: Touch-screen keyboard communications standards: CDMA mobile communication with the PDA of MSM3000 Communication: Bluetooth wireless communications, around ten meters external memory: CF card memory expansion slot Battery: Rechargeable lithium batteries multimedia features: You can play MPEG, MP3, audio, video sound: full-featured speaker volume: 12.7 high x1.03 x2.25 wide thick (cm) Weight: 299 grams Other: complete office software, microphones, headphones

BTB16-600B Suppliers

WinFastPX8800GTX and BTB16-600B Suppliers and PX8800GTS Leadtek graphics card equipped with 768MB and 740MB respectively, the high-speed GDDR3 graphics memory, support GigaThread&# 8482; and unifiedshaderarchitecture technology Massively multi-threaded architecture supports thousands of independent, simultaneous threads, providing an advanced next generation shader programs speed processing efficiency. Is more worthy of praise, WinFastPX8800 series is supported by the world's first DirectX10 ShaderModel4.0 of the GPU, provides users with unparalleled levels of graphics realism and film-quality effects.

BTB16-600B Price

AL-251 speakers built-strong neodymium magnet 1.5 inches wide-band speakers, the total power 3W, In addition, the speaker has a built-bass radiator, enhanced low-frequency sound. The whole box for aesthetic, AL-251 All interfaces are set in the speaker of the lower back, was "a font" and BTB16-600B Price and so arranged to open. Functionality it supports SD card, U disk two external audio player, support WMA, and mp3 format. It is worth mentioning that, this amp also features built-in FM frequency, strong radio features, ease of use, so you probably know everything about the world without leaving home.

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