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Ic BTS432E2

Recent years, rapid progress in photonics technology, LED are not at full pace, as much attention. Although Chinas semiconductor lighting in recent years made great progress, but compared with the international advanced countries there is a big gap. Facing both opportunities and IC BTS432E2 and challenges, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology actively promoting industrial development in a lot of work. On the one hand to study and formulate industrial policies for industrial development and create a favorable policy environment. Policies have been introduced to support technological innovation and industrial development. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, Administration of Taxation have associated a number of management practices and the relevant implementing regulations, and promote industrial development. Meanwhile, the establishment of national science and technology projects to enhance the capability of independent innovation. Off white introduction, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2004 -2009, the total invested more than sixty million yuan to support LED key technology breakthroughs and product development and industrialization, Science and Technology in the 973 plans, 863 plans and other plans, the National Development and Reform Commission In the high technologies, enterprise technology upgrades and other special LED, respectively, on the basis of research and breakthroughs in core technologies to give focus to support, from multiple directions to support the development of semiconductor lighting. On the other hand, released to encourage the application of policy measures. In 2008 the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "promotion of efficient lighting products, financial subsidies to fund Interim Measures," the allocation of funds and other support, including semiconductor lighting products to promote the use of efficient lighting products, at present the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission is actively Research on the promotion of LED lighting products implementation.

BTS432E2 Suppliers

Ministry of Industry and BTS432E2 Suppliers and deputy inspector of electronic information related white has revealed that a number of semiconductor lighting this year, the relevant national standards, industry standards to complete the approval process, and to the public, while working on a number of standard formulation. Previously, the Ministry of semiconductor lighting standards working group developed 10 industry standard, and was 1 January 2010 implementation, including the terminology of semiconductor lighting, semiconductor lighting device detection methods. In regard to the seven national standards for lighting, two industry standard has been released and will be May 1, 2010 implementation. Off white, said the semiconductor lighting industrial chain length, product-related standards development process, involving multiple departments, as do standards work will be implemented within the departments of the Ministry to join hands to implement the joint between the ministries, to take industry, academia and research, with joint work, and application development for the industry to protect the coordinated development, while focusing on the work of the standard test, an independent third party testing organizations to enhance the building and improve the ability to do product testing evaluation work, businesses and provide related services for government decision-making support.

BTS432E2 Price

NEPCON who participated in many local enterprises show worried about engineering and BTS432E2 Price and technical personnel, said: "This focus on the SMT Chinas largest professional exhibition, almost a year Carnival of foreign companies have become the top stage, and we can more actively to the negotiations, procurement of electronic materials, equipment. "learned from his understanding, such as surface mount installed the necessary electronic equipment manufacturing enterprises, almost all of rely on imports, which became Chinas electronics manufacturing enterprises pain.

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