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Ic BTS5215L

These highly integrated devices using molds or directly deposited in full copper (DBC)-based packaging technologies. Motion-SPM products, innovative DBC Mini-DIP package with low thermal resistance (FSBB30CH60B (600V/30A): Rth (jc), IGBT = 1.17 ° C / W). It is reported that Ao Keni than 80 square meters area of specialty stores, the initial purchase of 20 million, in order to attract more customers to work with, they also put a lot of energy renovation facade.

BTS5215L Suppliers

According to general manager Li Zhen Ao Keni lighting introduced, after they have been operating ceiling lighting and BTS5215L Suppliers and other household products, as the industry continues to promote the newspaper and city on LED lighting needs, they are more recognized trend of LED development in the future that will replace the traditional LED light source, and the profit margin is relatively large, the sooner the better to get involved.

BTS5215L Price

Bloomberg reported on the 8th, the Japanese Fair Trade Commission yesterday to determine Intel violated antitrust laws in the country because of forced PC manufacturers (PC) using its chips can only be malicious to suppress the opponents competitive position. On the same day, the European Commission spokesman Jonathan. Todd said they are also collaborating with the Japanese authorities, similar to the Intel antitrust investigation. Recently, in Linyi Linyi Ao Keni Lighting Lamps by LED open franchise outlets. It is understood that since last year, Linyi Lamps moved to new markets, engaged in the LED business increased to 80 households, while the LED is turned specialized households 3 times.

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