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Ic BUF634U

auto giant in the country have invested in plant at the same time, foreign battery manufacturers, such as: Johnson Controls Company, EnerSys and IC BUF634U and other famous enterprises have entered China production activities. Auto industry sources, VAR Juan Johnson TA, Xi Endi brands such as the introduction of high-end cars will address the needs of consumers. Yesterday, the center is located in the Olympic giant "chip" formally completed and delivered, this is the first Olympic final acceptance of the central area and put into use in the project.

BUF634U Suppliers

The event-driven IT architecture (EDA: Event-Driven-Architecture) a good fit the current needs of this business of Chinese enterprises. EDA can be seen as a new development of SOA, it is also a system-level infrastructure, greater emphasis than the SOA agile response to events, is to build an effective real-time enterprise technology system. Unfortunately, this vehicle manufacturers do not like, because the relay with its large and BUF634U Suppliers and small compared to other auto parts, only the cost of vehicle very little. Thus, the major vehicle manufacturers are still bound by their own standards for suppliers of its relays.

BUF634U Price

In fact, the lack of uniform technical standards for the ills caused by more than a simple inconvenience maintenance. MITIGATION to point out that manufacturers in the domestic relay scattered, uneven levels of the circumstances, with the technical standards of the constraints on enterprises to reduce costs and BUF634U Price and improve the capability of independent innovation, promoting industrial development as a whole.

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