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ITRI with purple LED (400nm) excitation RGB tri-color phosphor powder, with a narrow bandwidth before the ITRI developed green fluorescent powder, so Red light energy sufficient bandwidth, a wider color gamut, color saturation may exceed 90% NTSC color gamut, color rendering more realistic images of people, such as a slight reddening of the face can also achieve results, so to better meet the high color quality requirements of medical and IC BUV48A and industrial display needs. In addition, the ITRI developed purple color LED without the angular distribution of the problem, color stability and color uniformity, high product yield is also higher than the doubling of existing technology. The luminous efficiency, and can be used to reduce the number of LED in the display, dramatically reducing production costs. ALM-1812 high rejection GPS high gain low noise amplifier (LNA) now through Avagos direct sales channel and worldwide distribution network and formally sample quantities.

BUV48A Suppliers

AS3685: 700mA flash drive; length and BUV48A Suppliers and width of only 2x1.5mm, and the height is less than 600μm; 700mA transient current; built-in flash timer off function; using two-wire interface, includes a variety of operating modes, including light , flashlight, work, and shutdown mode; by WL-CSP3x4 package. AS3685 camera with flash for mobile applications market.

BUV48A Price

To store the product, for example, the needs of the international financial crisis and BUV48A Price and sharp drop in the number of storage equipment manufacturers cut production or even close down. With the increase in Southeast Asia, export orders, while the production capacity can not recover in a short time, began the second half of 2009, out of stock. To find the best private capital accumulation, the timing of price increases.

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