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Beijing Mobile also launched the first "M-Zone activities recharge calls back," Beijing Mobile M-Zone provides a total business of third gear recharge return calls for users to choose, namely, the cumulative recharge back to 100 calls 20 yuan, a total of 300 top- 90 calls per return, while return on total top-500 calls 180.

BUX48A Suppliers

May participate in four-city tour PXITAC event and BUX48A Suppliers and Technology Forum, industry and regional development of both the United States Ampro ADLINK Technology company one hundred percent successful in obtaining equity, and was last month (April) to complete delivery in mid-April, since the end ADLINK Technology Corporation, Taipei Ampro subsidiary of revenue included in revenue beginning, for a total amount of more than 7.43 million U.S. dollars, refresh single record turnover in January. Taipei ADLINK Technology Corporation today (2008), one to four months in total revenue (excluding Ampro) reached 22.29 million U.S. dollars, annual growth rate of 8.2% performance in all regional markets, ADLINK Technology in the performance of the Japanese market in April The most significant monthly growth rate of 29%, to actively expand local business, the (5) month in Tokyo to participate in ESEC Japan 2008. Mainland China, by the end of April successfully held in Shanghai and Beijing ADLINK DAY - 2008 International Summit Measurement Automation Conference, nearly 500 the number of participants, measurement and automation for the customer to bring a new technology ideas and solutions . May, ADLINK Technology continues to expand in the industry and the influence of the region, will participate in or organize several technical seminars. May 28, ADLINK will participate in the Beijing International Hotel, organized by the PXITAC event, live demonstrations of the latest PXI controllers, chassis and PXI data acquisition card. The end of May early June, ADLINK will be in Suzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Wuhan held "ADLINK Measurement & Control Technology Pioneer 2008 Forum", to motion control and machine vision, PXI test systems, data acquisition solutions, and in the industrial computer and 3U CompactPCI Application of automated production line of communication with customers and techniques of close, please visit: / cn query. In addition, the ADLINK Technology Industrial computer, the latest measurement and automation products, information and exhibitions around the world, free newsletter subscribe to ADLINK world "ADLINK eNews", also feel free to browse ADLINK Technology Web site: www.adlinktech. com, for information.

BUX48A Price

Non-profit standards organization Multicore Association (Multicore Association) yesterday announced the establishment of a working group to address the software developers use C / C + + programming for multi-core platforms are facing difficulties and BUX48A Price and challenges. The working group called the multi-core programming practice group (Multicore Programming Practices, MPP), will initially bring together the industrys current focus on examples of best practice, under which developed a guide to help developers avoid some common pitfalls. Based on this guide developers, architects, and tool vendors processor provides information that will address issues such as terminology, method, encoding method, performance evaluation, correlation analysis and inter-processor communication and other issues. Meanwhile, CriticalBlue neutral architecture provides a statistical analysis of the data model framework and a set of codes. The data in the company based entirely on the customer and the development of the object with the original multi-core software development and amendment of the general problems encountered, and provides corresponding solutions. CriticalBlue CEO David Stewart, a senior software engineer at Intel Senior Max Domeika MPP will jointly serve as Chairman of the Organization. MPP supporters include Freescale Semiconductor, Imperas, Nokia Siemens Networks, PolyCore Software, Texas Instruments, and Wind River (Wind River Systems). MPP of the plan to focus, and ultimately the core of motivation and will soon be additional meetings for the discussion of the details (details please visit the Multicore Association Web site inquiries)

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