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China PV industry development policy is enacted into intensive period. In March this year, China promulgated the "Solar Roofs Plan", the only Less than 4 months time, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, the National Energy Board have jointly issued the "Golden Sun on the implementation of the demonstration project," which the industry of look forward to the long "Golden Sun Project" officially started. If we say "solar roofs" program to suffer the pain of the international financial crisis saw the dawn of the photovoltaic business, then, "Golden Sun works," the start, will greatly accelerate the development of Chinas solar PV industry.

BZA109TS Suppliers

semiconductor foundry capacity is its overwhelming LSI manufacturing began single-handedly around the world. LSI production by virtue of its experience and BZA109TS Suppliers and knowledge, their technological strength has risen to the world. Equipment manufacturers in the fledgling how they deal with foundry giant it?

BZA109TS Price

New market research firm forecast forecast 2009 recession in the global automotive semiconductor market will reach 26.5%, reduced the scale of $ 14,580,000,000. Compared to nearly 5% in 2008 recession, the scale of $ 19,530,000,000, a big step back. The agency is expected to automotive semiconductor market in 2010 will step forward to restore the growth of 13.5%, reaching 16.55 billion U.S. dollars scale. But to return to the $ 20,960,000,000 in 2008 the scale of fear to wait until 2012.

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