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Ic BZV55-C10

Equipment and IC BZV55-C10 and Materials International Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI) recently announced the global semiconductor equipment market in 2008 reached 29.52 billion U.S. dollars, representing a 31% reduction in 2007, China Taiwan greatly reduced capital spending by more than half of the semiconductor plant is The most serious recession in the region.

BZV55-C10 Suppliers

The Development Fund received 3 e-business, can be unique. BOE has a TFT technology base Visionox with PM-OLED production experience, and BZV55-C10 Suppliers and rainbow, as the recent developments to see. If the joint development of three companies, the future of OLED industry the opportunity to gain the initiative will be larger.

BZV55-C10 Price

2000 years - In 2007, the average annual growth rate of Chinas IC industry more than 30%. In 2008, the domestic IC output reached 41.71 billion, sales reached 124.68 billion yuan, annual production and BZV55-C10 Price and sales in 2000 were 7.1 times and 6.7 times, China has become the worlds IC industry over the same period one of the fastest growing.

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