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Ic BZV55-C3V6

CW232 (CW232 / V) is an ultra compact asynchronous RS-232C communications analyzer. Mainly used in the serial port software / hardware installation, development, testing, maintenance, management and IC BZV55-C3V6 and other fields, it uses high-performance processors to collect data in the serial communication lines and control lines of information, and then the information to the PC via USB, the displayed by the special software; the same time, also shows the idle time serial communication, data and statistics, so that the transmission serial communication at a glance. DATALINK the CW232 is the worlds smallest, the best serial communications analyzer, from heavy equipment to make your break out of the serial development of the vast number of assistant engineer!

BZV55-C3V6 Suppliers

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BZV55-C3V6 Price

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