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Ic CA3086

quark Movie Network said it has the exclusive network broadcast and IC CA3086 and distribution rights of the film "The Sun Also Rises," in theaters, the piracy appeared in the network, network and especially Thunder Tudou staggering. Quark-movies network accused said Thunder Netcom network and potatoes over "The Sun Also Rises" movie piracy violations increased its traffic, then get the business interests of the great damage to this serious piracy of their commercial interests. Thunder has completed its network and a lawyer Tudou piracy and infringement of the evidence notarized and filed a formal prosecution, to preserve its legal right.

CA3086 Suppliers

The 12-bit, low power, octal CTSDs ADC12EU050 8 analog / digital converter can provide up to 25MHz signal alias-free sample bandwidth, switching speed To 40MSPS to 50MSPS, SNR and CA3086 Suppliers and distortion (SINAD) is 68dB, SNR 70dBFS. If the power supply voltage of 1.2V and the sampling rate of 50MSPS operation per channel chip consumes only 44mW, the total power consumption is only 350mW. Industry-standard serial output with programmable low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and an adjustable low-voltage signaling (SLVS) two modes to choose from. As ADC12EU050 programmable serial output mode, you can greatly simplify the interconnection design. ADC12EU050 chip 68 pin LLP package that measures 10mm x 10mm, and can be -40 to 85 degrees Celsius operating temperature range.

CA3086 Price

ADC12EU050 innovative CTSD architecture chips compared to traditional pipeline architecture has the following advantages: ? Lower power consumption. ? Integrated filter signals aliasing low-pass, brickwall filters, can filter out the signal band. ? Easy to drive, using pure resistive input stage, no external sample and CA3086 Price and hold amplifier. ? Integrated phase-locked loop (PLL) and voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), to perform the clock adjustment function allows the system designers to use cost-clock circuit. ? overloading of chip real-time recovery (IOR) circuitry. Even if the input signal exceeds a preset limit, but also in a single clock cycle to recover from saturation.

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