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Ic CA3130AS

DSP has a very high speed digital processing power and IC CA3130AS and a lot of computation. Therefore, it can meet the requirements of efficient real-time signal processing. The new device features are as follows:  (1) using the Harvard (HARVARD) structure, highly parallel computing greatly improve the speed of operation; (2) chip configured with one or more of the hardware multiplier and accumulator, able to take a single instruction , plus operation and index calculation; (3) chip set features highly specialized private instruction, the instruction can overlap operation; (4) chip set features a variety of peripheral devices and interfaces very strong, so confidential operating speed many times faster than PC; (5) DSP hardware loop control increases, when the complete cycle is initialized. Actual operation instruction cycle loop is no longer consumed. Greatly improved the operation speed of digital signal processing; (6) DSP, low cost, sales price down year by year.

CA3130AS Suppliers

Formed using TL494 400W power inverter voltage regulator circuit. It excited Transformation part is TL494, VT1, VT2, VD3, VD4 circuit constitutes a sink drivers, driving two of the two MOS FET switch 60V/30A. To increase output power, each can be 3 to 4 parallel application switches, circuit unchanged. TL494 in the inverter application as follows:

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, Of course, despite the powerful dual-mode phones, but we should still believe that GSM phones will continue to maintain considerable vitality. The first is the advantage of network coverage, GSM mobile phone in international roaming and CA3130AS Price and national roaming for a long time there will be a significant advantage; followed by the advantages of maintaining the level of a large number of experienced manufacturers through systematic training and on-site technical staff of the existence of effective reduces network operating costs and systemic risk; third brand, GSM mobile phones are already well known, but ordinary users do not understand the advantages of dual-mode handsets, which makes dual-mode phone in the early costs of advertising, marketing, plus the difficulty of large. GSM mobile phone technology and there is still considerable room for improvement, such as using EFR (Enhanced Full Rate voice coding) instead of FR (full rate speech coding) to improve voice quality, data and fax services as soon as possible put into use, it should be said, GSM the attractiveness of mobile phones is still very large.

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