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In SemiconWest fairs, Belgium IMEC research institute announced on 32 nm lithography technology progress, the two graphic exposure technique (doublepatterning) faster than any other technology. IMEC 32 nm lithography technology development that last year made significant progress. The CEOLucVandehove that memory applications due to the need for the rapid development of a 32 nm process, according to the results obtained, the program appears in a single exposure before the exposure of two graphics technology will be 32-nm half pitch (intermediate) program. IMEC 32 with three ways to promote nanotechnology research: high index of 193 nm lithography, 193 nm water immersion lithography, and IC CA3140AE and graphic style two extreme ultraviolet (ExtremeUltraViolet, EUV) lithography. IMEC is studying graphic exposure technique faces two challenges, such as mask design (maskdesignsplit), cost-effective process and the critical dimension and overlay control. IMECs research confirmed that access to critical size below 3 nm, which is one of the 32-nm production requirements. In immersion lithography, IMEC will extend the strategic partnership with ASML, install numerical aperture of 1.35 and a new ASMLXT: 1900i, until the numerical aperture to 1.55 to 1.6 range, so that 193 nm immersion lithography for 32 nm half-pitch manufacturing node. In order to obtain a higher numerical aperture, another liquid may replace the currently used pure water. IMEC EUV is very clear is the only possible extension to 22 nm and smaller nanometer technology.

CA3140AE Suppliers

government support to unlock financing. Although some of polysilicon plant financing is indeed a major concern managers, many factories in China to tell the reality of CLSA, they can rely on local government support to help them get bank loans. Bank of Jiangsu Province, said an official of a branch of the Bank of Communications does not actually desire to provide loans to the polysilicon plant, because loans are usually larger, and CA3140AE Suppliers and the repayment period is relatively long, but because the loan is to encourage local government to do so.

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LED luminous efficiency of only 20 ~ 40lm / W, as CCFL of 80lm / W, while the high cost of LED backlight modules will be the greatest weakness. A CCFL with a high-brightness LED unit from top to bottom in 1.5 U.S. dollars, but the number of LED used far more than CCFL. In addition, LED heat poorly, large-size TV with fashion coupled with the need to heat the substrate, will be another expense. LED color each a different decay rate, long-term use will be colored uniform issue.

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