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Ic CA3146E

Fujian Newland Computer Co., Ltd. on the 11th release of the worlds first two-dimensional code decoding chip. Its birth, marked the things the core technology and IC CA3146E and two-dimensional code reading technology has made a major breakthrough.

CA3146E Suppliers

increase in the spot market supply. CLSA, a basket of 22 polysilicon plant is expected to be 09 annual output of 3,754 tons in 2008 climbed to more than 19,000 tons on. CLSAs China, the reality of doubt it, but even conservative projections based on CLSA, its 09 annual output will increase 2.5 times. The expected increase in output and CA3146E Suppliers and new orders slowed, most factory managers tell their expected 2009 CLSA will sell more products through the spot market.

CA3146E Price

The two main features of the new devices, all from ON Semiconductors proprietary technology excels. ESD7L5.0D and CA3146E Price and NUP4212 to the 15 kilovolt (kV) of the input ESD waveform in a few nanoseconds (ns) within the clamp to below 7 volts (V), to ensure that todays integrated circuits for ESD sensitive (IC) has the highest level of protection. Such as polymer and ceramic varistors, and other low capacitance ESD protection chip technology to provide low capacitance, but their ESD clamping voltage is much higher than the ON Semiconductor solution. In addition, ON Semiconductor silicon devices of these passive techniques do not wear problems, and so many times in the surge withstand ESD events of reliability and performance are not affected.

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