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--- 2010 Engineering LED ponsored by the Engineering LED LED Engineers 2010 Engineering Conference and IC CAT24C64WI-GT3 and the 2010 LED light selection activities ceremony will be held in China in December 2010 in the 17-18 refined combination of agriculture and tourism resort - Shenzhen Evergreen held. Two days of free technical seminars will be arranged schedule, the Engineer Best Paper Award Presentation Dinner, LED light and engineers in China Award Presentation Dinner Christmas Party. Will be arranged on the first day of three free technical seminars, which are LED epitaxial silicon technology seminars, LED packaging technology seminars, LED lighting application engineering. One-day technical seminars, the will has experienced dozens of senior technical experts, focusing on analysis of the actual application of various techniques designed to answer a variety of difficult problems. In order to encourage the majority of engineers, senior engineers actively participate in the 2010 General Assembly LED engineers, for engineers to provide a show themselves, the General Assembly, the organizers FATF LED Engineering "Engineering LED Cup" Engineers Outstanding Paper Award activities. The selection of activities to "fair, just, open, authoritative, professional" principle, in the country for the majority of practicing engineers call for paper industry, LED, LED Engineering database of experts invited experts on the paper assessment. The poll prizes worth over 60,000 yuan. The stage for award-winning engineers the opportunity to lecture. As a highlight of the General Assembly, LED light China Award Presentation Ceremony, engineers, and the Best Paper Award Presentation Ceremony will be arranged for engineers to Christmas Party December 18 at night. After the ceremony, the actress will work with engineers on the same stage to share in Christmas. Conference schedule:

CAT24C64WI-GT3 Suppliers

up from the wafer fabrication materials and CAT24C64WI-GT3 Suppliers and packaging materials, sales reached 25 billion U.S. dollars and 170 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate was 17% and 9%. From the geographical point of view, the Japanese continue to maintain the largest market share, accounting for 22%, which is Japans powerful wafer packaging industry related. Taiwan, followed by foundries and packaging subcontractors demand-driven, over the past four years, the consumption of semiconductors in Taiwan remained strong. Other areas (ROW) column, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian areas, these areas together form the worlds third largest semiconductor materials market, the main demand is the packaging material. It is worth mentioning is that mainland China is the fastest growing region, driven mainly from the new line of wafer production capacity.

CAT24C64WI-GT3 Price

Aurora 9600GSO MAXSUN this eye-catching high-definition version using the red PCB, the optimization based on non-public version of its own R & D design, the entire card, not crowded components neatly arranged, more relaxed space cooling benefit the entire card. Aurora 9600GSO MAXSUN new arrival is used in high-definition version of G94-210, with 48 superscalar unified stream processors, and CAT24C64WI-GT3 Price and full support for 256bit memory interface, the core of the default frequency of 550MHz, stream frequency 1375MHz. Full support for DirectX10 graphics hardware and SM4.0 effects, graphics integration NVIDIAPhysX physics engine, PureVideoIIHD video engine, with a complete computing CUDA technology.

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