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Ic CD1191CB

Fairchild Semiconductor (FairchildSemiconductor) has launched a new IntelliMAX ? family of devices FPF250X, on the grounds of its input voltage 4.5V to 20V. These highly integrated load switches for over-current damage potential to provide comprehensive protection, over current damage to the industry and IC CD1191CB and in telecommunications, medical, notebook computers and consumer applications, such as the impact of low-power design. FPF250X device will with thermal shutdown, controlled turn-on and undervoltage lockout protection and control functions such as 0.23 ohm N-channel current-limiting MOSFET, integrated in a space-saving SOT23 package to simplify design, reduce component count and significantly reduce circuit board area. FPF250X provide adjustable current limit and fixed limit two options, bringing design flexibility while to adjust, and troubleshoot the circuit can be reduced to a minimum, and speed up many applications power management and circuit protection products to market. FPF250X The main advantages of devices are: - 4.5V to 20V input voltage range: for a variety of low-voltage applications. - Adjustable and fixed current limiting options: 0.5A to 2A adjustable minimum current limit and 0.4A or 0.8A current limiting options for fixed, can design and debugging and troubleshooting time to a minimum. - Thermal shutdown: to prevent damage due to overheating; and by eliminating external circuitry to simplify design and reduce board space. - Controlled turn-on: reduce the switching turn-on surge current in the process of mutation and power. - Lead SOT23 Package: minimizes board space. FPF250X series expansion of the industrys most extensive type of load switch solutions. Fairchilds IntelliMAX products offer a unique combination of protection and control functions, power management design to reduce board space and component count, and reduce the design complexity. These devices are lead-free products meet or exceed the IPC / JEDECs J-STD-020C standard and comply with EU standards now in effect. Availability: Samples and demo boards are available Delivery: 8 weeks ARO

CD1191CB Suppliers

the worlds leading supplier of microcontroller and CD1191CB Suppliers and analog semiconductors - Microchip Technology Inc. (Microchip Technology, Inc.) today announced new support for USB applications, a series of 8-bit PIC ? microcontroller (MCU). PIC18F13K50 and PIC18F14K50 (PIC18F1XK50) is all of Microchips lowest-cost USB microcontroller, which provides a variety of other 8-bit microcontroller lack of parity functions, and more embedded applications can add USB functionality.

CD1191CB Price

1985 years of cooperation between Siemens and CD1191CB Price and Chinas milestone. October 29, 1985, signed in Beijing "and the Peoples Republic of Siemens in the mechanical industry, electrical engineering and electronics industry and other areas of the memorandum of cooperation", Siemens is the first such invitation in-depth cooperation with China for foreign companies. The framework agreement for the implementation of Siemens and China machinery industry, electrical engineering and electronics industry and other fields to carry out the modernization of long-term, systematic and comprehensive cooperation has laid a solid foundation.

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