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Ic CD4011

in the subsequent days, the mobile phone camera mobile phones started as one of the standard configuration, a number of high-end camera phone began to appear. Remember that a lot of mobile phones will be made part of the camera body design, the fuselage side of the dedicated camera button started to become a new trend. Large and IC CD4011 and small are beginning to equip mobile phones at home and abroad this stylish little shortcut keys, making the cross-screen like the camera phone can take pictures as a dedicated camera shutter button as the same. Here, the phone user-friendly design concept has begun to emerge.

CD4011 Suppliers

To 02,03 years time when the phone began to enter the color, the size of the screen after the phone number and CD4011 Suppliers and the hair color of a cell phone seems to have become a symbol of quality. Large screen color to cell phones into a new era began more than a simple phone call tool, color screen making mobile games began to rise, and for mobile phones take pictures, look at photos possible. MMS, themes began to replace the function. It can be said to lay a prototype of the modern mobile phone.

CD4011 Price

In the early 20th century, the mainstream mobile phone design is small. Early mobile phones are more bloated body, carrying the inconvenience, miniaturization of mobile phone users desire very strong. Also used a palm-sized Motorola was named a generation of products, and CD4011 Price and a smash hit, while the subsequent generation of the Nokia 8210 is also known as arcade.

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