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Ic CD4013BF

"high-end is still a shortage of polysilicon materials." Zhang Jian told reporters, several sub-levels of polysilicon, such as the high level of IC-level, electronic grade polycrystalline silicon and IC CD4013BF and used in the manufacture of solar cells, low-grade polysilicon materials. IC grade silicon, also known as integrated circuits, widely used in computers, TVs and other high-end electronic products manufacturing, its production in China is still a blank stage; and electronic grade polysilicon production base is also a blank stage. In stark contrast, the previous two years, "solar thermal" at the low end of the polysilicon to a large number of blind horse, about 70 more projects are already widespread across the country.

CD4013BF Suppliers

the first batch of chip card trial will be the bank credit card holders. Because the high cost of chip card in the $ 1 each about 2-3 times more expensive than magnetic stripe cards, the banks will not be in the first large-scale card. Chip cards issued in the transitional period there is still a magnetic stripe, so cardholders can not accept the chip card business, you can still complete the transaction through the brush magnetic stripe cards. Expected that this magnetic stripe cards and CD4013BF Suppliers and chip cards will continue to coexist in time 20 years.

CD4013BF Price

But the market does not mean a big opportunity. Richard Chang entry requirements? Found in the background inquiries from reporters, Richard Chang had to get new energy projects in the U.S. Masters. After 80s of last century, his work at Texas Instruments has developed a "special solar power system." SMIC, founded in 2006 after SMIC has launched solar business. This year in May, Richard Chang told the newspaper that there are many areas of the mainland did not get involved in LED, such as the current mainland enterprises can achieve power LED, but does not save money, and CD4013BF Price and high cost. If the system can improve the supporting and cooling technology, will be able to do both.

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