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in IPTV subscribers, according to streaming media network statistics, as of January 2008, Chinas IPTV subscribers exceeded 120 million, from Xinjiang, Hainan, Tibet Heilongjiang, covering more than 90% of the provinces. Although the domestic IPTV subscribers in 2007, there was greater growth, but there has been no surge in users, with the existing analog or digital TV subscribers compared to, IPTV users rarely. Despite the size of the total IPTV users is small, but maintained a steady growth. IPTV coverage areas as domestic scale and IC CD4050BE and gradually expand the number of users, the general level of consumer awareness of IPTV will be increasingly high. In 2007, having a greater impact in Shanghai, Zhejiang, IPTV users have different levels of growth, including significant reduction in Shanghai subscriber growth, reaching 240,000, Zhejiang and Heilongjiang IPTV users, compared with 2006, but also greatly improved.

CD4050BE Suppliers

in market demand, the worlds leading consultants IDC, "China IPTV Market 2007-2011 Forecast and CD4050BE Suppliers and Analysis" report is expected, with the relevant departments of the IPTV market gradually relaxed policy environment, IPTV business model in-depth exploration and the gradual improvement of technical standards, China will become the most potential in Asia Pacific IPTV market. By 2010, China is expected to more than 10 million IPTV users by 2011 this figure will reach 14.5 million.

CD4050BE Price

lthough it must be the face of these risks, Hansong Han told reporters that the reason why many venture capital companies willing to invest, because the current development of Chinas LED business is similar to the 2000 to 2001 in Taiwan, business prospects very bright, but the companies need to enhance the scale of financing, down costs, thereby promoting increased market demand and CD4050BE Price and access to promotion and development of the whole industry. Although the development of IPTV is still in the initial stage, there with this or that problem, but it was not ready IPTV indisputable fact.

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