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However, the market once the 4-inch epitaxial wafers is expected to cost significantly avalanche material (currently 4-inch wafer at a cost of about four times the 2-inch wafer), 2-inch The MOCVD equipment will gradually be replaced by 4 inches; AIXTRON also pointed out that the operation of the Director Wachtendorf, AIXTRONs customers to do the upgrade of existing equipment will change the existing 2-inch size is 4 inches.

CD54HCT04F3A Suppliers

Communication technologies to achieve intelligent, humane? Replace human intelligence, or adapt to people's thinking and CD54HCT04F3A Suppliers and usage patterns? "Technology can never replace human intelligence, but it will get to the limit of human wisdom, and this is the ultimate realm of humanity. Technology is ultimately the life and work of human services. Call center technology is the same . "Feng Yuzhe International Group CEOJOYDONG that" more and more communications companies are now beginning to realize that the future development of intelligent communications technology and unified communications intelligence and tied for the future development of call center trends. But For how intelligent communications technology, the vendors have their own different understanding. Currently, some advocates intelligent call center vendors are able to do some high-end alternative to part of the mental functions, such as intelligent scheduling, voice analysis, and some manufacturers have done a good job. But, in the country, there are many such enterprises: their entire call center may be only a few dozen seats, the business is also relatively simple, for scheduling, there are a wide variety of traffic queuing policy analysis basic do not have access, that is used, the effect can be very small harvest. In this case, they need the intelligence, is a way to easily fit their business practice and corporate work of thinking, patterns of call center business system. This intelligence is the use of technology to serve humanity. This Expo will showcase the 'dream' is essentially the same as ."

CD54HCT04F3A Price

ndustry impact: or the power semiconductor industry has brought new opportunities to help improve energy efficiency, energy-saving electronic devices meet the regulations for the protection of the environment, the best use of the earths resources, continue to introduce leading products AT91SC192192CT-USB samples to LQFP64 packages are now available. Every purchase 10,000 products, priced at $ 8.84 starting.

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