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Despite optimistic expectations, but this week, technology stocks also generally follow the global stock market decline, the second half of this year involved in the outside world economic slowdown fears. U.S. stocks downward trend over the past few days, including Thursdays sharp fall. Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.4% on Thursday, Standard & Poors index fell 1.7%, the Nasdaq index fell 1.6%.

CDC2516DGGR Suppliers

On the weekend, Pennefather 2009 users Tasting Beijing in Beijing Zhongguancun in the steel in the building, "Jiangnan Fu" at the restaurant, this event is Pennefather, following some time ago of the "Smart Wi-speed shared Gifts "sweepstakes, Guangzhou, Shanghai Station after the third and CDC2516DGGR Suppliers and one-stop finale. The event's theme is "Fashion Pennefather true friends" in the huge and luxurious banquet hall, Pennefather with wonderful programs, interaction with the audience, exciting lucky draw will be the atmosphere to a climax again and again , in the lively atmosphere shows cool products, and sent a huge gift, to the participants an enjoyable experience.

CDC2516DGGR Price

hung Health Tech (HYCON Technology), innovative analog IC solutions provider, recently introduced a new range of highly integrated, low-power microcontroller. Built-in 24-bit high-resolution analog-digital conversion devices, up to 21 significant digits, the minimum signal resolution 100nVrms, performance is more competitive than similar products. In addition, HY11P products in addition to the application of low-power design of a data transfer speed is also close to both the ΣΔADC 1KHz .

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