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Chinas first LCD TV standard "dimensions for the mainstream LCD color TV," issued Wednesday. China Video Industry Association, Hao Ya-Bin, Deputy Secretary-General said that this will greatly facilitate the consumer LCD television prices, performance and IC CDP1854ACE and other aspects of the comparison. LCD TV in our rapidly growing popularity in recent years, however, panel suppliers are competing for the launch of new dislocation competition specifications, each LCD panel production line can cut the best size varies, each production line is also the best cut size different. The vision by the China Electronics Industry Association (CVIA) and the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) jointly developed the "mainstream LCD color TV Size Standards" size of the main provisions of the mainstream of the sequence itself, that is, different size LCD TVs area and aspect ratio. The specification of non-mandatory standards, a relatively high penetration rate of only 52 inches below the screen size of the provision. Interface specification will soon introduce such standards.

CDP1854ACE Suppliers

ISL78600 battery management system for the accurate state of charge measurement to provide the required high precision, thus extending the mileage vehicles and CDP1854ACE Suppliers and high-performance lithium-ion battery life. To do this, each ISL78600 device uses a 14-bit data conversion temperature compensated, which can be scanned at 250 microseconds to 12 channels. Currently, the general medium-HEV vehicles 126-168 batteries, which can be equipped with 11-14 per vehicle ISL78600 to resolve. External temperature sensor with the combination of the four, ISL78600 in the entire operating temperature range of the battery state of charge measurement to provide a high accuracy.

CDP1854ACE Price

A month ago, the store brand extension information log Zhongguancun powerful supermarkets, recently, in Luoyang, Henan Province has opened a new extension Companions stores information specific address: Valley Digital Plaza Luoyang Xigong B51, Contact : 13937914908.

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