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Ic CH7203C-V

CNET Technology News February 5 PA Semi started its international coverage to deliver potential customers samples of its Power microprocessors and IC CH7203C-V and said it will launch in the fourth quarter of this product. PA Semi chip power consumption is lower than similar traditional chips. PA Semis first PWRficient chip contains two cores clocked at 2GHz and 2MB of shared cache. Although very fast, but the PA Semi chip average power consumption is only 5-13 watts, the maximum power of 25 watts. PA Semi Pitt, vice president responsible for the design, we compared the performance of the chip is 3-4 times the standard Power chips. Power Architecture chip power consumption has been facing a problem: Apple abandoned this issue because IBM Power chips. Currently, Power chip, power consumption up to 90 watts or higher. Peter said that, PA Semi will not enter the general-purpose server market, but main communications equipment market. Power chip market every year up to 15 billion U.S. dollars. Customers are already testing the chip. Peter said that, PA Semi bulk sale in the fourth quarter chip. End of the year, PA Semi will also produce a single-core version of the chip. The sample chip costs about 700 dollars. Communications equipment manufacturers to use the new chips, especially new firms ━ ━ new chip is very difficult, but Pete said that the recent favorable situation for PA Semi. First, electricity prices higher and higher energy consumption as the telephone company will be an important basis for the procurement of equipment; followed, PA Semis chips support virtualization technology that enables telephone companies to be integrated in a variety of functions in the equipment. PA Semi chips to reduce energy consumption is partly due to consolidation. PWRficient chip has I / O and other traditionally require a separate chip to complete the function. PWRficient chip can run all the chips for the Power architecture.

CH7203C-V Suppliers

according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection Mainland "to adjust the directory import of waste management notice" amendment from August 1 onwards, do not meet the limits "category of imports of solid waste as raw materials" directory, the Department will not release and CH7203C-V Suppliers and the importer or carrier laws and the implementation of return, which was to restrict the import of waste, including semiconductor wafers, materials such as head and tail, the case closed just like half of foreign polysilicon gates for fear of mainland China to promote the use of materials restricted, most likely trigger a new wave of price increases.

CH7203C-V Price

This product does not look gorgeous on the Samsung where, using a simple exterior design, eliminating redundant decoration, effective control of the product cost, but also followed a simple design concept LCD monitor. Ultra-narrow frame and CH7203C-V Price and soft lines of the design is also a slim lead in the market fashion trend. All function keys are touch-sensitive keys, completely meet the needs of B2B market, the appearance of the color, the classic colors are mainly black.

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